SNU Trust

As our members will be aware, it is customary for the SNU Trust to hold it’s Annual General Meeting on the eve of the meeting held by the Spiritualists’ National Union and it was hoped that we would all be meeting in Norwich in July.

As the SNU have made the difficult decision to continue with a virtual meeting in 2022, the Board of Trustees of the SNU Trust has decided to hold in-person meeting three weeks after the SNU AGM. It will be held at the Barbanell Centre in Stafford on 6 August 2022 (Saturday) at 2pm.

The SNU have kindly agreed to host a Question-and-Answer session on the Sunday of their AGM weekend, allowing all interested parties, members and non-members, to speak with the SNU Trust Trustees. This will also ensure that members have the opportunity to question the Board prior to voting in August.

The Trust understands that not all members may be able to attend the meeting at the Barbanell Centre and the Trust would therefore encourage you to express your views by voting on all matters to be brought before the meeting, by completing the enclosed Proxy Form indicating how you wish to vote on each resolution.

A Notice of AGM and a Proxy Form have recently been sent out to all members. These contain the wording of the resolutions that will be proposed at the AGM. The Board of Trustees strongly encourages all members unable to attend the physical meeting to vote on the resolutions to be proposed at the AGM by completing and returning the Proxy Form by the deadline. The Proxy Form allows members to appoint an alternative attendee, or the chair of the meeting, as their proxy to attend and vote on their behalf in accordance with their instructions. Please note that in order for your vote(s) to be valid, your Proxy Form must be completed and returned by post or electronically in accordance with the instructions printed on it, so that it is received by the Trust no later than 2pm on 4 August 2022 (Thursday).

What Our Members Say About Us

“ have been extremely helpful….questions are answered in full in a language I can understand….”

Response to Survey September 2022

“…you do a fabulous job and the church is very pleased with the service provided…”

Response to Survey September 2022

“…the staff are helpful, knowledgeable and approachable…we trust them implicitly “

Response to Survey September 2022