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The SNU Trust

The SNU Trust was founded in 1926 as a type of mutual building society for churches affliated to the Spiritualists National Union (SNU). The Trust operates independently of the SNU with it’s own Board of Trustees and supporting staff.

Whilst we work closely with the Union, there are no circumstances under which SNU Trust funds can become the property of the Union or become liable for the debts of the Union. The SNU Trust’s accounts are kept separately from those of the Union and are audited annually by professional accountants.

The SNU Trust offers competitive rates on all savings products designed with the needs of our members in mind. Members are also able to access loans as often High Street banks are unable or unwilling to lend to churches. Grants are available from the Ray Taylor Memorial fund to help member churches in need.

By investing with the SNU Trust, churches are investing in the future of Spiritualism.



SNU Trust head office
Tim Coombe

Tim has been a Spiritualist all his life but only realised this when he joined Bodmin church in 2006. He soon joined the committee, eventually serving as Treasurer and Secretary. He has also served as Treasurer, Secretary and President of the South Western District Council, and spent two years on the SNU National Executive Committee with responsibility for churches under support. He became a Trustee of the SNU Trust in 2019.

SNU Trustees
Jane Barton

Jane’s parents were both Spiritualists although it was her father who influenced her most in her young life as she listened to his stories from attending the Edinburgh Psychology and Library, as it was known when it was first established in 1930. Jane has served on her local Church Committee, the South West District Council and was appointed to the NEC as an Ordinary Member in October 2017 and resigned when she accepted the role as CAO with the Spiritualist National Union. Jane works full time as a HR professional but has continued with her voluntary work, to the Union and the Community, and was appointed as Trustee in 2019.

Ken Smith

Ken Smith is a lifelong spiritualist and has been a Trustee of the SNU Trust since 2013. He is Treasurer of East London District Council as well as the President of Norwich church. Since retirement Ken works for an award-winning horticulture business based in Suffolk.

Minister Myrrha Hibbert

Myrrha has been a Spiritualist for 45 years, became a Minister in 2007 and served as a prison chaplain for many years. She has served on numerous SNU committees including Education, Training and Awards and the NEC. On a local level Myrhha has experience of being President of both Eastwood Church and East Midlands District Council. As a Minister of the Union Myrrha is passionate that all churches are aware of the financial advice and help the Trust can give them.

Pat Seymour OSNU

Pat became a member of Croydon Church in 2002, she became an Accredited Healing Medium in 2005 and eventually went on to serve at the Healing Leader for her church. Pat joined the church committee serving as both the Treasurer and then Vice-President. Pat has also served on the East London District Council as their Education representative, as well as acting as a Support Officer.

In 2016 Pat became an Officiant and went on to serve as a prison chaplain. In 2018 she was invited to join the SNU National Executive Committee and served for 4 years as Director of Church Support.

SNU Staff
Lesley Gilbey
Finance Manager

Lesley has worked in the banking and finance sector for many years and joined the SNU Trust in 2006. She works closely with the accounting team to produce the accounts for the SNU Trust and is responsible for the overall day-to-day running of the charity.

Julie Rogers
Finance Administrator

Julie joined the SNU Trust in 2011 and is the contact point for churches who make withdrawal requests from their account held with the SNU Trust. She also liaises with churches to help them invest their members funds in a way that gives the flexibility they need whilst maximising the interest earned.

Nadine Young
Accounts Assistant

Nadine provides accounting support to the accounts team and is the contact for members wishing to update their signatory and contact details.

What Our Members Say About Us

“..you have been extremely helpful….questions are answered in full in a language I can understand….”

Response to Survey September 2022

“…you do a fabulous job and the church is very pleased with the service provided…”

Response to Survey September 2022

“…the staff are helpful, knowledgeable and approachable…we trust them implicitly “

Response to Survey September 2022