Deposit Account icon
Deposit Account

In order to become a member of the SNU Trust, each church must open a Deposit Account. The balance in the Deposit Account must be at least £250 and this gives you access to all other savings and loan products.

  • Minimum balance of £250
  • Instant Access
  • Variable Rate
Key Info
  • Instant Access
  • Minimum balance £250
  • Interest applied annually on 31 December
Interest Rate

AER/Gross p.a (variable)

Investment Account icon
Investment Account

Our simplest savings account

  • Earn interest whilst keeping funds easily accessible
  • Set cash aside for unexpected bills
  • Can be easily withdrawn with no notice required
  • Variable Rate
Key Info
  • Instant Access
  • No minimum balance
  • Easy to apply for
Interest Rate

AER/Gross p.a (variable)

One Year Fixed Rate icon
One Year Fixed Rate Account

This account allows your church to earn a better interest rate if you think you are able to tie up your funds for 1 year. The SNU Trust understands that there could be occations where your church needs to release it’s funds earlier due to unforseen circumstances. The terms of the account allow you to break the agreement without notice should you need to.

  • Set aside funds for specific projects
  • Earn better rates on money that is unlikely to be needed in the next year
Key Info
  • Access to Funds on Maturity
  • Minimum Balance £5,000
  • Interest paid on Maturity
  • Rate Fixed for the term of the account
Interest Rate

AER/Gross p.a (variable)

Two Year Fixed Rate icon
Two Year Fixed Rate Account

Our best account for funds that are for a rainy day. As with all our fixed term accounts, should your church suddenly need access to your cash you are able to end your term early.

  • Lock away excess funds for the future
  • Maximise the interest earned
  • Certainty of the income on maturity
Key Info
  • Access to Funds on Maturity
  • Minimum Balance £5,000
  • Interest paid on Maturity
  • Rate Fixed for the Term of the Account
Interest Rate

AER/Gross p.a (variable)

Regular Saver icon
Regular Saver

Our Regular Saver allows churches to save on a regular monthly basis over 1 year, towards a specific project or maybe just to earn interest on any excess cash left over at the end of each month.

  • Get into the habit of saving on a regular basis
  • Generous rates form as little as £1 per month
Key Info
  • Access to funds after 1 year
  • Save between £1 – £1,000 per month
  • Interest paid on maturity
  • Rates Fixed for the Term of the Account
  • Apply today
Interest Rate

AER/Gross p.a (variable)


On monthly deposits between £1 – £100


On monthly deposits between £101 – £249


On monthly deposits between £251 – £1,000


1-5-1 Account

The 1-5-1 Account is avilable to all members each October and invites you to deposit £1,000 which will earn 5%, fixed for 1 year.

The account is designed to allow all members access to generous rates, which may ordinarily be out of their reach. For this reason we ask that the funds invested are new funds to the SNU Trust.

  • Generous rate on a modest deposit
  • Only one application per member
  • Opening deposit must be new investment to the SNU Trust
Key Info
  • Access on maturity
  • Balance of £1,000 only
  • Applicants accepted from 1 August each year, all accounts opened 15 October each year
  • Fixed rate of interest
  • Interest paid on Maturity
Interest Rate

AER/Gross p.a (variable)

What is Instant Access?

Instant access savings accounts allow you to withdraw your money whenever you need it.

What are Fixed Rate Accounts?

Fixed rate savings allow you to fix your interest rate for a set period of time, and it will not be changed. By contrast, instant access savings account rates are variable and can be changed, e.g. to take account of Bank of England base rate changes, or changes in rates paid by other banks.

Fixed rate accounts offer guarantees over what interest you’ll earn over a ‘term’. This is the set time period offered by the SNU Trust. At the Trust we offer terms of either 1 or 2 years.

It is important to note that you can end your term early and access your cash, any interest would then be calculated from the opening date to closure on the current Investment rate.

Manage your existing accounts

Contact our staff to discuss your banking arrangements to ensure you are earning as much interest as possible on your savings.

What Our Members Say About Us

”The committee would like to extend their grateful thanks for the grant towards the interest on the loan.

It is very thoughful and as a Spiritualist community we hope we can begin to get back to some sense of normality very soon”

Eastwood church

”May I thank you for your advice and help in enabling us to carry out these transactions quickly and smoothly, it has taken a great deal of anxiety away for the members”

Chippenham First Spiritualist Church

“… you helped enormously, and I would like to thank you for all the hard work and support you have given and continue to give us…”

West London DC