The Ray Taylor Memorial Fund

The Ray Taylor Memorial Fund was established in memory of Ray Taylor, a former Trustee of the SNU Trust, who was a proponent of churches facing financial hardship.

Churches who are members of the SNU Trust can apply to the fund to help with essential costs that cannot be covered by their own funds.

What Our Members Say About Us

”The committee would like to extend their grateful thanks for the grant towards the interest on the loan.

It is very thoughful and as a Spiritualist community we hope we can begin to get back to some sense of normality very soon”

Eastwood church

”May I thank you for your advice and help in enabling us to carry out these transactions quickly and smoothly, it has taken a great deal of anxiety away for the members”

Chippenham First Spiritualist Church

“… you helped enormously, and I would like to thank you for all the hard work and support you have given and continue to give us…”

West London DC