Who can invest money with, or borrow money from the SNU Trust?
Spiritualist Churches who are members of the SNU Trust

How can my church become a member of the SNU Trust?
With £250 you can open a Deposit Account with us. Simply download an application form, fill it in & post it to us, enclosing your cheque. (Please contact us if you prefer to pay via bank transfer)


My church is not affiliated to the Spiritualists’ National Union. Can we still become a member of the SNU Trust?
No, your church will need to be affiliated first. You can do this via their website click here


Can I open a Personal Account?
Unfortunately we cannot open accounts for individuals or lend money to them, even if they are members of the SNU


What are the benefits of becoming a member?
We offer comparable rates to high street banks and offer a range of immediate access  
and fixed-term products. Investing with us helps your fellow churches.


How do you differ from high street banks?
We understand how the churches operate and we tailor our terms & conditions to suit your needs. There are no arrangement fees or early closure penalties on our accounts & products.

Become a Member

The SNU Trust relies upon deposits & investments from our members.
Your money will help develop the Union’s churches and add to their number.
Invest with us and invest in Spiritualism.

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