The SNU Trust held their Annual General Meeting at the Barbanell Centre in Stafford on Saturday 6 August, and it was lovely to finally be back in person with some of our member churches.

We appreciate that many of you would have been unable to be with us, and we wanted to keep all churches updated on what’s happening at the SNU Trust over the next few months.

This is our first SNU Trust newsletter and it will become a regular feature going forwards. We have sent out a paper version on this occasion however going forwards your nominated contact will receive our newsletters via email. If you would like to add others to our mailing list them please just get in touch.


New Website

The SNU Trust has, for a number of years, been looking to update the website and we are pleased to announce that the new website is now available. There is lots of information about the Trust, it’s Board and staff, as well as access to all our forms, news articles and information about the products we offer. The site will be updated regularly but if there is anything you would like us to cover then please just get in touch.

Green Loans

At the SNU Trust open Forum in 2021, the Trust promised to work with the Union to find ways in which we could support churches to make improvements to their building to help the environment. The Trust are pleased to announce the introduction of Green Loans which are available to all members. The loans can be for a maximum of £2,000 and so are targeted at smaller projects with a manageable financial commitment for the church. If you would like to find out more then please click here or contact the office.

Church Survey

The SNU Trust continues to help all spiritualist churches, both members and non-members, with all sorts of issues and we would like to know what you think so that we can make sure we are providing the products and services that our members need.

The survey can be accessed via this link,  takes two minutes to complete and is designed to include all churches, not just members.

To encourage churches to participate, any church responding to the survey before the end of September will be entered into a draw to win £100.

1-5-1 Accounts

The SNU Trust are pleased to announce the introduction of the 1-5-1 Account for 2022.
The 1-5-1 Account is designed to give all member churches a chance to invest only £1,000 and yet benefit from an excellent rate of 5% for a fixed term of 1 year. Please click here an application form which has the full terms & conditions on the reverse.

What Our Members Say About Us

“ have been extremely helpful….questions are answered in full in a language I can understand….”

Response to Survey September 2022

“…you do a fabulous job and the church is very pleased with the service provided…”

Response to Survey September 2022

“…the staff are helpful, knowledgeable and approachable…we trust them implicitly “

Response to Survey September 2022