Accounts & Rates

Members must keep a minimum of £250 in the Deposit Account. Membership includes the right to apply for an SNU Trust Advance.

An instant access account available to all members, with no restriction on deposits or withdrawals. Members must keep a minimum of £1,000 in the Investment Account. 

Withdrawals can be made immediately (on demand) from all accounts, providing the withdrawal request is accompanied by two authorised signatures. Funds can be transferred directly into a member’s bank account.
Download a withdrawal form here

No limits are imposed on depositing of money in the various accounts; nor are any signatures required. Payments can be made by cheque or bank transfer.


We also offer a Regular Savings Account and a variety of Fixed Rate Deposit products that we have tailored to meet your needs. Take a look at our Downloads page to see details on all our products.

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The SNU Trust relies upon deposits & investments from our members.
Your money will help develop the Union’s churches and add to their number.
Invest with us and invest in Spiritualism.

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