About the SNU Trust

The S.N.U. Trust was founded in 1926 as a type of mutual building society for Churches affiliated to the Spiritualists’ National Union (S.N.U.) The Trust operates independently of the S.N.U. with its own Board of Trustees and supporting staff.

Whilst we work closely with the Union, there are no circumstances under which SNU Trust funds can become the property of the Union or become liable for any debts of the Union. The SNU Trust's accounts are kept separately from those of the Union and are audited annually by professional accountants.

The SNU Trust's funds are widely spread over a number of investments conforming to the Trustee Investment Act 2000 and the Charities & Trustee (Scotland) Act 2005. The investments are expertly managed and there is a substantial reserve built up from past surpluses.

The SNU Trust is a registered charity which conforms to the guidelines laid down by the Bank of England and the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). It is governed by a Trust Deed which outlines our objectives and acts as our governing document.

The SNU Trust endeavours to offer competitive interest rates to its members. Often, high street banks and building societies are either unable to lend to churches or offer interest rates that are beyond the means of the church.

To find out more about Spiritualism and our Pioneers, please visit the SNU’s website: www.snu.org.uk

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